Camping and Wine and Tornadoes, Oh My!

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    Oct 16, 2011 5:51 PM GMT
    Ah, back from a weekend of camping and picture taking. Here's a tornado that touched down two miles from us. The park ranger told us to run to the bathroom building (where a four-inch wolf spider guarded the urinal). We just had heavy wind and tons of rain. Soaking wet. Then we drank four bottles of wine (two of us), and I vomited up probably the last three glasses. That stuff can hit you! No more for me, thank you. And all this was just Thursday! More to come. Here's the tornado page.
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    Oct 16, 2011 8:37 PM GMT
    But I have the radio turned up because...?

    1. Tornadoes sound scary
    2. We were making out to this song and weren't going to let a little weather get in our way.
    3. I was hoping the weatherman was going to break in and tell me what was going on outside.
    4. That was the radio station the car salesman tuned when I bought my car. I've never learned how to shut that shit off [note that the phone app recorded the video in portrait--not landscape--view; isn't that how all techies record?]
    5. The radio keeps me awake while I'm driving.
    6. That was actually God's soundtrack playing just before he killed those people.
    7. I knew I'd be submitting this movie to a television show. I wanted this to be what they heard and not the sound of me crapping my pants.
    8. That's my daughter's favorite singer (she was texting at the time). No way in fuck was I going to get into an argument over who controls the radio.
    9. Being that we're just outside Quantico, I'm pretty sure this station blocks the brain wave laser they use to keep us docile.
    10. I get so flustered when I'm using my iPhone; iTunes, camera, Angry Birds...I don't know what fucking app I'm tapping on.
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    Oct 17, 2011 12:28 AM GMT
    You put a lot of effort into wondering why the couple that filmed the tornado had their radio on, and nothing on my wine puking and the scary spider. icon_wink.gif