Hey everyone,

Not sure what sort of response I'll get on here, but RJers haven't failed me yet.

I'll jump right in: My goal is to move to Australia within the next two years (preferably much sooner) to practice Applied Behaviour Analysis in some context, most likely with children with autism.

Here are my qualifications and my history:

I am a citizen of Canada and (I think) am eligible for a partner visa in Australia.

I have a BAH in Psychology from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

I am in the process of completing a post-graduate degree in Applied Behavioural Analysis from George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The program from George Brown is not an officially recognized program by the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board, but a) it is currently under review to become one, and may well be recognized by the time I graduate in June, and b) many George Brown ABA graduates have been able to write the certification exams by submitting syllabi and transcripts.

My questions:

1) Is applied behavioural analysis licensed in Australia? Do you need certification in order to practice?

2) What sort of education is required in Australia to practice ABA?

3) Do you know of any cases where international practitioners were hired?

4) If anyone has any tips, pointers, or anything else to help me find out some information.

Thanks a bunch in advance guys icon_smile.gif