Anatot, Occupied Territories: Police Merely Watch as Extremist Settlers Attack Israeli Leftists

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    Oct 20, 2011 6:19 PM GMT
    Incidents in Anatot, September 30, 2011: updates, videos, and call to action!


    Israeli society is standing by as settlers take the reins
    Even if some day the right is no longer in power or Israel is forced to give in by dint of international sanctions, policy in the territories will not change substantially, because the rioters are in control.

    Lynch the leftists

    Op-ed: Almost unnoticed lynching of leftist activists this week should alarm every Israeli,7340,L-4131946,00.html
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    Nov 10, 2011 12:51 AM GMT
    Netanyahu is backing a bill by one of his LIKUD MK officers Akunis to limit Israeli political NGO's, which will work to shut up the 'leftist' peace organizations that the 'Price tag' groups attack so often. Netanyahu doesn't come right out and back the 'Price Tag' groups but he sure is sending a message of approvel for their work in threatening them by cutting off their financing.

    Under the bill backed by "Netayahu, political NGO's in Israel would not be allowed to receive donations exceeding 20,000 shekels provided by foreign governments and international organizations, such as the UN and the European Union, According to the bill, "inciting activity undertaken by many organization, under the cover of Human rights work, has the goal of influencing political debates, and the character and the policies of the state of Israel."

    Brittish Ambassador to Israel. "Gould cautioned Akunis that, if passed, the bill would reflect badly on Israel in the International community."

    Netanyahu's LIKUD's not only turn a blind eye to what the 'Price Tag' groups do but he is undermining Democratic ideals by the above action. They'll do anything to shut up the outcry against the Settlements. It seems the LIKUD's just cannot resist self delegitimization and deepening their Isolation.