God in a whirlwind

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    Oct 23, 2011 10:08 PM GMT
    God approached the mortal
    To speak to him
    About the children and livestock that had perished

    Normally, one brings a condolences card for these things
    A bouquet of flowers
    A sympathy note
    Dressed in sorrow and comfort
    God appeared with the descending of a whirlwind
    A graphic reminder of the forces
    Of nature that had started the problem
    Job must have realized that all of his terrifying accusations must have been true
    God was indeed the source of the troubles
    If not He, then who?
    There He was, right there
    In a whirlwind
    To inflict the final punishment
    For the sin
    That Job had vehemently denied
    What had He done?
    Why him?
    Why him?
    Why Him?
    God against man: he was no match for Him.
    Can a lion attack an ant?
    Where is the fairness and justice in such a fight?
    But God
    Spoke to Job out of a whirlwind
    Seemingly cruelly indifferent
    To his many hurts and fears
    God spoke
    And far from explaining Himself
    God pulled the rug from under Job
    Reminding him of which one of them owned the capital H -- not he, but He.
    (The Being, not a being.)

    In all of this
    Job failed to see one small, important thing
    Out of countless created beings, he, a mere he, had received a live visit from Him
    He came
    He came
    He came
    (Though He spoke out of a whirlwind and not a harmless sunrise)
    You see, that's the crux of the matter, isn't it?
    It's always the crux
    God comes to speak
    The Son --not risen yet,
    Appears, untamed and unpredictable
    Over the mountain
    Carrying the Crux
    The Cross
    The symbol of punishment
    For the sin we'd forgotten
    But knew in our hearts we should be punished for
    The cross
    Our death
    We do not know what He intends to do with that cross
    That He is carrying over the mountain
    We fear that He intends to give us what we deserve
    Forgetting that far worse is His apathy than His wrath
    And that if His intention had truly been to destroy us, then He would have done the worst thing imaginable: not coming at all
    So maybe
    He's not carrying that cross to punish us for our sins
    Had condemnation been His purpose
    He would have never come at all
    But there is one simple problem with that observation when held up to the fact of His appearance, a problem that convinces me more of divine love than divine wrath
    And that maybe we, in our fear and hurt, have accused God of being the
    Bad Guy when indeed, scandalously, He may be the Lamb that
    Takes away the sin of the world

    It is that He came.
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    Oct 26, 2011 4:51 AM GMT
    That was really amazing

    I have this to say

    Yahshua (Jesus) is indeed Yahweh in the flesh. God Elohim came down to
    earth to die for our sins.

    Yahshua said that before Abraham was I AM. Yahshua was indeed the walking living Yahweh.

    Yahshua died on the cross and spilled His blood.

    It helps to understand the sanctuary on this matter to really appreciate what Yahshua did for us.

    The first thing was the lamb(sacrifice) was taken to the altar of sacrifice and the sinner would lay his hands on the animals neck. then the sinner would cut the throat of the animal. notice it is the sinner who does this. the next step is the brazen altar where you the priest would wash clean in water. The blood would be applied to the furniture in the sanctuary and on the day of atonement it would cleanse for sin.

    Yahshua died for us in a terrible way, take up your cross and follow Him
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    Oct 28, 2011 10:14 PM GMT
    Where do you get these poems from? They are amazingly spiritual. Do you write them?
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    Jan 09, 2012 3:19 AM GMT

    JOHN 3:16 and 17