Cheating Dad/Bitter parents divorce/Me depressed

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    Oct 24, 2011 11:24 PM GMT
    hey guys i don't usually write these things i just read them
    i guess i need to vent and well ....
    my parents met at my dad's brother/mom's sister's wedding they were love birds hit it off instantly , my uncle refused the idea cause he thought that it wld hurt his relationship with his wife
    anw they were forbidden from each other
    on the way to the airport in lebanon( mom was going to canada) dad came to the plane's door and proposed they somehow kept in touch
    they married and had me an only child
    fast forward 10 years---Dad started cheating with many women although i can't understand why ( my mom is a 6 foot beautiful blond with an athletic body she used to be a coach and still works out very bubbly personality , an all round amazing person) mom used to find out and try to talk sense into him but to no avail
    he left us at home alone all day and went out with his girlfriends
    there was one stupid ugly one he was in love with she used to make mom angry and tease me and bring her brother along and he treated them better than us he left us with no money and no car alone at home to go out
    he bought her a car , took her out with her little brother etc and she was pregnant with his baby then had an abortion
    my mom stepped in viciously and broke them up
    mom and dad had a really rocky relationship after that , he never talked to me we were never close then suddenly at the age of 15 wanted to be a father figure and be my best friend (iwas like wtf) we had lots of conflicts ------Fast forward till 4 months ago
    mom and i were out with my aunt she gets a call from my dad and he tells her don't go back home i changed the locks and i divorce u ( we are Muslim) long story short he took the house the car and the money threw mom's stuff out
    mom was pissed she's a great woman but she's a demon when angry anw mom and i are settled now but there's still A LOT of conflicts between her and dad and lots of fights and shit i can"t stand anymore ! it's really annoying , my relationship with dad is stronger now i see him in weekends
    we're still very opposed on many levels ( he's an ass) he has a gd heart he just makes very stupid decisions
    i just want this to end i want to be happy again i don't remember 1 day of being happy PS: i wasnt enrolled in school this year due to the divorce and dad won't pay tuition.
    i need relief!!
    i wish i had an older brother to vent to but since im alone i have you guys
    i do have friends a lot actually im quite social and popular but i want to hear ur point of views

    and to all you wondering
    Lebanon is a beautiful country that has all religions in it , it has very open minded people it's a tourist attraction in the Middle East near israel it's basically miami new york california all rolled into one plus mountains where it snows it's a small country but a beautiful one at that
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    Oct 24, 2011 11:43 PM GMT
    Wow, that's a lot of shit to go through. I had a physically and emotionally abusive dad as did many others here, so we can relate. I'm not going to throw the "It's Get Better" thing at you, but once you move away and become independent, it does get better. I went to college out of state just to get away from my family.

    I would say take time for yourself and get outside and do things for yourself as much as you can until you have a job that can make you independent. Think this always, your parents may have brought you into this world, but now it is YOUR world to enjoy. You don't owe them a thing. Find your own peace, and don't get caught up in thinking you need to help them find their peace. They're adults. Do things for you until you can escape it. Soon they will get older and fight less.
  • Rami918

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    Oct 24, 2011 11:47 PM GMT
    i hope so but i can't be independent i have mom to look after - shes lookin after me now but i can't dump her in a few years
    i donno so much shit
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    Oct 25, 2011 3:01 AM GMT
    Rami918 saidi hope so but i can't be independent i have mom to look after - shes lookin after me now but i can't dump her in a few years
    i donno so much shit

    Just hang in there and be strong. Hang in there.