Jealous ass Protesters Envy is a sin too

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    Oct 25, 2011 2:58 PM GMT
    okay so every other forum on here is some foolishness that some protester has to say

    or someone who has no idea about anything to do with the gay culture feeling the need to comment on something they know nothing about

    heres my theory if they were completely happy with their relationship with god. and their relationships with their wives or if they were at all happy with their lives
    they wouldnt be so quick to try and stop our happiness and rights

    i think they are jealous that we can find love in someone who understands us
    i think they are upset because even tho they are trying to relinquish our happiness its all failed

    they are jealous that we are who we are and we dont give a fuck what anyone has to say
    they cant stand to see people genuinely happy and thats honestly what it is
    they comment on our lifestyle because they wish they had our lifestyle

    haha next time i hear someone say something about how being gay is wrong im gonna let them know Envy Is A Sin Too.

    and thats all i have to say about that icon_smile.gif
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    Oct 25, 2011 3:20 PM GMT
    Some interesting points… though does that mean I'm sinning if I'm jealous that I'm not your underwear right now? icon_wink.gif
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    Oct 25, 2011 4:03 PM GMT
    LMAO i mean its not a sin cuz theres no one to be jealous of haha no ones in my pants right now icon_razz.gif ( cuz im not wearing any )