Ok, here's my thing guys...I'm an older gay guy and recently single (divorced), which is a LONG story. So here I find myself, in my 'autumn years' and very lonely. I'm trying to reconnect with my gay identity which I left behind MANY years ago...another LONG story. My local community has one gay bar which I've gone to a few times but I'm really not into that scene. So I looked on the web and found this site. I've enjoyed reading many posts here but I see it's much more oriented to the younger crowd and fitness crowd. I don't really fit into either. All I look for is friendship and companionship...nothing serious at this point. I'm so far removed from this I guess I don't know where to start. I'm secure in knowing who I am and I'm very happily retired, but I've always been shy and somewhat a loner.

Any suggestions guys?