This Is For My Fans

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    Oct 30, 2011 12:40 PM GMT
    And if you are not a fan of me.. then shoooo, go away...

    Here is my newest song.. Ive had a long hiatus since "baby, babe" but its finally here... cept my laptop cant record all of a sudden, so Im passing you the lyrics to enjoy... so ENJOY!


    The sinking sun that slides into the sea.
    The little girl who laughs while taking tea.
    The mocking passerine that passes the time talking to me.
    The chattering parrot pair in the tree.

    A kitten-cat calling for the clowder, a calf a cow to feed.
    A falling leaf, a knotted tree, a clear night, white cotton seed.
    The purple part of a rainbow, the rainbow, dancing in the rain.
    A raft, a rapid, a parade, a masquerade, a mountain.
    Panorama. Panorama.

    The twilight gleam that breaks the nightly gloom.
    The blazing heat that burns the cactus bloom.
    The warbling morning bird that warns the world of forthcoming light.
    The bumblebee that fumbles in flight.

    A city stop sign, a cobblestone, a stone, a road, the writing on the wall.
    A waterfall, Grand Carnival, a costume ball, a stilt, a mask, a doll.
    A lonesome rock, a lone outcrop, a spinning top, a turn, a tip, a pun.
    A heart of gold, the ways of old, the name foretold, an untold horizon.
    Panorama. Panorama.

    The polished pebbles on the shore.
    The shard of glass, the branch of coral.
    The cliff and reef arising.
    The shelf and sea colliding.
    Panorama. Panorama.

    Alpaca sweaters, peacock feathers, hats in leather, Peru, Nepal, Vietnam.
    Yak milk butter, pancake batter, orange bitters, saffron, mint, cardamom.
    Hot green peppers, spots on leopards, dogs of shepherds, a rook, a knight, a pawn,
    A Christmas box, an equinox, an Arctic fox, a frozen ocean.
    Panorama. Panorama.

    The skipping stone that skims across the moat.
    The altar boy who bears the incense boat.
    The dancing dragonfly that darts out at flies to get its fill.
    The tangled mangrove in the mangal.

    Not copy-righted, but the texts is on facebook, so nobody can claim they had it before me lol
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    Oct 30, 2011 1:18 PM GMT
    No fear, it's protected by intellectual property rights in most countries anyway ;)
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    Oct 30, 2011 2:10 PM GMT
    lol true that.. in my country its protected the moment its written...

    NOw comes the boring part, I have to play this over and over and over for hours and hours and hours until Im fluent :/