I've always taken good care of my skin and fortunately at 40 I still have no wrinkles. But in the last year or so I've gotten a couple of brown spots - age spots - on my cheek and jaw. This shouldn't bug me but it does.

I'm looking for something that really works to diminish age spots and I'm generally skeptical of overpriced skin creams that women spend a fortune on and still get no results.

But in researching this I've come across a line of skin care products for men called MenScience. I've never heard of it before and know nothing about it. But I figure if anyone knows about these products, it would be the men here at RJ.

Anyone have any experience with this stuff? Good? Bad? Worth it? Not worth it?

It's not super expensive, but definitely not the cheapest stuff in the world. I'd like to know if it works before plopping down any money.

Thanks guys.