FLOTILLA TO GAZA now in international water. 2 Boats with Passengers from 5 Countries in cluding the US, Have set sail to Gaza.

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    Nov 03, 2011 12:15 AM GMT
    This from Common Dreams.org

    November 2 - Organizers say: "It is time to lift the siege of Gaza which deprives 1.6 million civilians of their rights to travel, work, study, develop their economy and be free."

    "The Canadian ship Tahrir and the Irish ship Saoirse have successfully reached INternational waters, initiating the "Freedom Wave to Gaza." The boats have embarked from Turkey and are on the Mediterranean Sea. In all, the 2 boats carry 27 passengers from Canada, Ireland, US, Palestine and Australia."

    "Ann Wright retired US army Colonel and former US Deiplomat says, "We carry inspiration from the Arab Spring and the worldwide "Occupy" movements that are demanding freedom and justice. Where Governments fail, Civil Society must act. As Americans we are fed up with our governments unquestioning support of Israel no matter how violent, Illegal and oppressive its actions. We will not stand by and watch $30 billion of our tax money committed to buying Israel weaponsry used to carry out this illegal occupation of Palestine including the blockade of Gaza."

    "Jane Hirschmann added, "Our sailing coincides with UN agancy UNESCO's recognition of Palestine as a memeber state, defying US threats to cut off $80, million of US funding in retalliation. This shows the growing strength of opposition by the international community to US and Israeli policies in Palestine. We call on the International community to go further and take effective action to lift the siege of Gaza. Hirschmann was one of the Organizers this past summber of the US boat to Gaza, The Audacity of Hope which is still captive in Greece."

    Pressure is being applied from all angles, momentum is building and watch it all increase, enough is enough of the Israeli, US sham peace talks that have worked for nothing more than giving more time for Israel's continued theft of Occupied land for more and more Settlements. GO PALESTINE !!!!
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    Nov 03, 2011 5:58 PM GMT
    Haaretz News:

    "Flotilla organizers to Haaretz; We expect to reach Gaza in two days"

    "Canadian activist Ehab Lotayef says Two-vessel flotilla is 'halfway to Gaza' says "there will be no violence from our side" in dealing with Israel Defense Forces."

    "I don't have illusions that our mission will end all the problems tomorrow, but we are susing any tool to call attention to the suffering of the people of Gaza. We didn't come to fight with the Israeli army, we came to deliver a clear message: the blockade of Gaza is illegal and inhumane. it should end."
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    Nov 04, 2011 7:03 PM GMT
    The more I read, the more I understand that the protestors behind the Floatilla's have no illussions that they will actually get to the Gazan Shores. Their point is to bring attention to the Israeli blockade of Gaza, Its unfair practices there, the settlements and the overall Occupation of Israel.

    This is working and is just one of the many fronts that are working to bring attention on Israel's near Aparthied practices for the sake of attracting the help of international bodies to bring about the pressure needed to end this fiasco of Israel's. A sign that it is working, is that only 14 voted (small Islands/country's who depend on the US for donations) with Israel and the US over the UNESCO Palestine Membership. When Israel works toward real freedom, real peace for the Palestinians rather than negotiations just being a front to cover over their mass theft of Palestinian land. then the Protests and other actions will stop.

    What else will work when it is our government that keeps Israel propped up and is so totally bought and in the pocket of Israels Lobby AIPAC, there's no other reason for such blind backing, but for the sake of AIPAC and its affiliates influence and money for the US to VETO Statehood or UNESCO membership for Palestine.

    If you doubt that the US is in the pocket of AIPAC, just note that I am considered Anti Jew, A Israeli Hatist, because I discuss and expose these issues, the same comes anyones way when they criticize Israel. This happens purely because the Israeli Lobby AIPAC has so saturated the US with this Propaganda that most will not criticize Israel to avoid the accusation of Anti Semitism. There is no other issue in the US that the discussion of which can bring about such negative results, as loss of job, loss of influence and so on for any politician, media personell, educators and etc. who are in the public eye.

    This system has worked well for decades and continues to work to gain total backing for Israel from the US no matter how obviously hypocritical the action being backed may be. People are catching on though in the US, but a lot of educating must be done for the US citizenry to call on its Government Politicians to bring about an end of Israels unfair actions toward Palestine.

    These Flotilla style protests bring attention to the plight of Palestine and cause thinking people to question the status quo, and its not at all hard to learn the facts, that Propaganda lies are all that are Keeping Israel's Aparthied style regime with their thumbs down on Palestine going. Seeking Israel's destruction is not the point, but bringing an end to its theft of Palestines land , its occupation of Palestine and its unfair blockade of Gaza is the point. Bringing Israel to the point of denouncing the above actions is the point. Take away the reason for Palestinians to retaliate and they will live in peace next to Israel. Indeed, what people could be expected to not fight for their rights against an unfair Occupier?

    The Protestors have stated that "waves of protests" are coming, whether by sea, Air travel, or at borders, and will not be announced in advance as back in July when Israel and the US used political stunts to thwart the protestors actions.
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    Nov 05, 2011 3:52 AM GMT
    A flotilla of anti Jewish anarchists has been stopped from invading the Gaza, boarded by Israeli soldiers, and towed to an Israeli port.

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    Nov 06, 2011 1:46 AM GMT
    Funny how well the Anti Jew propaganda works, it brings about the reality of the Jewish Homeland Israel, can Occupy another country, take their land, Build on their land creating preconditions on the ground, bring about a Gaza blockade as a collective punishment for the actions of the group Israel pushed on them 'Hamas', Kill the Palestinians children via IDF snipers and the list goes on and on.

    But don't reveal the truth about the Jewish Homeland Israel, because doing so is anti jewish. What a nifty set up this anti jew propaganda is !!! its set up to keep the Israel above criticism. I don't know of another equally effective set up to avoid criticism. CLEVER INDEED !!!!

    As for the Flotilla, Its again successfully brought attention to the plight of the Gazans, Its exposed again the Actions of the Leadership in Israel that are effectively proving to the world exactly why the Palestinians need to go to the UN for justice.

    Its sad that the Jewish people suffer so much Isolation and are being delegitimised as a result of their far right leaderships unfair actions on their behalf. The best example is the UNESCO Membership vote where only 14 of 193 voted with the US against the Palestinians.

    Another sign of the Israeli self inflicted Isolation is that there are of necessity, many more such actions planned to bring attention to Israels despotic acts against the Palestinians over the next year. None of these actions however are against the jew, they are however against the actions of the Zionist Far right leadership of Israel, who are not satisfied with just a Jewish Homeland, they want the West Bank in its entirety.

    And all of my statements according to the propaganda are anti jew, when in acuality its nothing more than pro fairness for the Palestinians.