Shin Splint help!

I learned this from a knowledgeable physical therapist and it worked well!! With your right leg and right hand-Run your thumb on the left side of your shin past the shin bone and your pointer and middle finger down the other side past the bone apply strong pressure and rub you shin up and down. Use lotion or you will lose leg hair. He called it stripping the shin. It hurts a bit- not alot. You can do this twice a day-no more. Relief may take a few days for some right away.

Also same hand same fingers- sit in a chair bend your knee at a right angle foot flat on the floor in running shoes. Lay your right hand on you right knee pointer finger(index finger) over your knee cap. With your thumb on the left side of your right knee at the muscle ligament and your middle finger and third finger on the right side outer tendeon squeeze hard and hold for 20 seconds, then immediately lift your right hand of and place it face down over your knee find the soft tendon right below your knee cap and push in with decent pressure for 7-8 seconds with all three fingers and hold steady pressure, then release your grip, lift your leg about 6 inches off the ground and drive your heel to the floor with force like a stomp(make sure you have a good running sneaker on.) Now walk around and the shin splint pain will dissapear. Then repeat it on the other leg. Always right hand to right knee and left hand to left knee. You will feel a noticable difference right away. He called this resetting the knee. Don't do these more than once a day.

If you are doing this it is easier if someone reads you this while you concentrate on doing it right.

Hope this helps
Mike-- let me know!!!

It really worked for me and some of my friends who are distance runners. I am not a Dr. but it did work and I trusted the PT who gave me the advice. i no longer get shin splints.icon_smile.gif