Anyone get a chance (other than balljunkie) to check out this movie?

Esai Morales did a pretty good job as the brooding fresh-from-jail Bronx dad, but the real star was Harmony Santana. She was fantastic in her debut role as Esai's son, hampered only by some of the stilted storylines, and conveyed a genuine perspective to the forces (familial, sexual, societal) pushing against transgendered teens, among other LGBT young men and women. Esai did a fine job illustrating the mindset that vexes parents of LGBT kids, particularly those of underprivileged backgrounds and with troubled personal histories.

I didn't agree with a few critics that the flick came across as an Afterschool Special (too much sex and violence for that), but it did have a Lincoln Heights/Resurrection Blvd. feel to it. I think it would have worked even better for audiences as a TV series centered on Harmony's character.