Ok ok snowboarding is not that Hard....first off shrinkage....jk
well in order to snowboard u need money. Of coarse I'm ur poorest gay out here so use a bounch of rich ass gay guys. I'm ok with that all I love too see is men busting a few tricks and having an ok teacher or friend to enjoy ur trip. I don't charge much though hott cocoa and brews warm me up...as well for u and ur handsome smiles. Least amount would be 250 But an awesome time wont cost u only like three days of snowboarding...cheap lift tickets are around 60 it might be less but if I pay more I best see powder and not slush. I'm not a pro but an athlete. Hit me up so we can hit some rails.....its not hard........yet I find u guys wanting more then a handsome instructor...its all about ur good time and I can help u with that.....thanks for ur time..Patrick. ur FlashahhMan.