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  • Musicman91

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    Nov 07, 2011 5:09 PM GMT
    As a sophmore in college I'm freaking out over what I want to do after I graduate. I am currently an english major but I am really thinking of switching out. My original plan was to be a teacher but now I don't want to be one. I want to switch hotel/tourism but I am not so sure how well I would do with that. I am just stuck I guess lol. I really wanna just drop it all go to NY and become an actor but who knows if you'll make it or not and in todays economy why chance it. Ideally I'd like to finish school with some kind of degree and then try acting to see where it may take me and if it fails I'll have something to fall back on. I know this is probably something all kids my age go through. I just don't know what I want to do.

    I like college it is a fun experience but I feel like I was really pressured into going. They basically made it feel like if you didn't go to a college in my high school then you were an idiot and I was so scared I wasn't going to get in one. I love the friends I have made and I like to learn but I wish I could just fast foward 4 years into the future, which I know is a horrible thing to say. It is probably the semester that is getting to me because of all the nonsensical drama that has gone on, I mean it's college the high school bullshit should have been left in the cafeteria.

    Everything I am interested in or good at seems to not translate into the "real world" and having a good job. I don't know maybe I just need some Christmas music to cheer me up haha.

    Sorry for the senseless rambling it's been on my mind for awhile and I just wanted to let it out. I'd talk to my friends in real life but as I mentioned earlier there is some senseless drama going on now that has divided everybody so yeah.Girls /= I need more men in my life lol.

    Anyone ever feel like this? That they will fail at life? I feel like I am getting there fast lol.
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    Nov 07, 2011 6:52 PM GMT
    I agree with above poster. If you want to be an actor do it, but get some marketable skills that you can make money while doing it.

    An english degree certainly won't cut it unfortunately. Anyone I know who has one is a teacher and if not they are hating there life.

    I'd seriously go to be an could act and then work a few days a week and make 30 to 40 an hour and still live comfortably while chasing your passion.

    My friend was in an off broadway play (whatever that means)....but he got paid 750 a week. His agent took some taxes...he was making 300 a week.

    He loved what he was doing but was broke as a joke.
  • pelotudo

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    Nov 07, 2011 7:23 PM GMT
    Hey man,

    You sound EXACTLY like me.

    I was an English major at the beginning of college, but then my sophomore year I started questioning it because of job opportunities. I felt pressured to stay in the English program by my professors because I was a good student, but leaving that program was one of the best decisions I ever made.

    I have quite an interesting story, but basically I switched to marketing, found a job...but now I am doing something else somewhat related to English; however, I still feel that being an English major is an incredible waste of time: NEVER in life will ANYONE ask you to write a paper in MLA format.

    I know you are passionate about acting, so I would second the advice someone else gave you: major in something that will pay the bills so that you can move to New York, pay the rent, and then try to make it as an actor...if you started part-time in acting, you could see if it is something you really want to do. Although majoring in acting is a possibility now in school, the secure job possibilities are limited; furthermore, going back to school is very, very difficult the second time around because there will be EXTREMELY limited financial aid in most cases (I've explored this option).

    Thus, what I would do is go to school in something secure so that you can try acting on the side...if a few years later you decide that acting is what you really want to do, you'll have money saved to go back to school for acting (and hopefully the economy will be better by then).

    Just my experiences from going through a similar situation...
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    Nov 07, 2011 8:23 PM GMT
    Why is everyone here so negative about teaching? I love teaching.. Ive taught all my life and would gladly do it again...

    (triple major, including english)
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    Nov 07, 2011 9:05 PM GMT
    Abandon the English major immediately. The only utility in being an English undergraduate is to become an English graduate, then an English academic... which you should also avoid like the plague.

    This may sound jaded, but take it from someone getting their PhD in English: your faculty will not tell you the truth about job prospects in the future or what it is like to be an academic. English faculty are trained to do one thing and one thing only: produce more English faculty.

    Read this blog for a grim but accurate description of what awaits you if you stick with English: 100 Reasons NOT to go to Graduate School

    Unless you have a passion for Letters and a Life of the Mind, do not do anything in the Humanities.
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    Nov 07, 2011 9:10 PM GMT
    I majored in English as a writing student. And while I haven't finished the next great American novel - I'm too busy working out and watching tv you know - I did end up in the library industry, where I've met lots of other English majors who burned out on their once-beloved area but wanted in life to be more practically suited for job/income/etc.

    So I don't necessarily advocate dumping your English major, but perhaps think of other ways you can fine tune it. The 2 or 3 faculty librarians for English in my system make almost 6 figures to do reference work and develop/select/purchase the literature collection.
  • okologische

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    Nov 07, 2011 9:25 PM GMT
    stay in school! im also a soph in college and im lucky enough to know exactly what i want to do! Education is the most important thing, although it is difficult to try and stay motivated in the classroom. Make sure your doing something that you like to do bc you'll be good at it and the rest will fall into place! Keep learning!