this article appears today in the wolrd section of Huffington Post.

"The Hysteria on display in Washington over UNESCO'S vote to include Palestine as a member of the world body, though largely a manufactured effort, was, nevertheless, irritating and a sad commentary on the Dysfunctional nature of the US Politics"

Going back in time for a background to why this happened:

"Despite Democratic control of the House of Rep's, hard line pro Israel politics trumped the Administrations appeals for Congress to take steps more supportive of Israeli Palestinians peace. After Republicans gained control of Congress in 1994, IT WAS AS IF THE LIKUD (PARTY OF ISRAEL) HAD MOVED ITS OFFICES TO CAPITOL HILL, At one point, AIPAC'S AND CONGRESS EFFORTS TO PRESSURE AND PUNISH THE PALESTINIANS BECAME SO TROUBLING THAT THEN ISRAELI PRIME MINISTER RABIN CAME TO WASHINGTON TO DELIVER AN ANGRY MESSAGE TO AIPAC, TELLING THEM TO "BACK OFF" BECAUSE THEIR MEDDLING IN CONGRESS WAS INTERFERING WITH HIS EFFORTS TO MAKE PEACE."

Just imagine how much interference AIPAC must have to bring about and Israeli Prime Minister to sternly tell them to STOP IN TERFERING IN THE US CONGRESS !!!

Its gets worse when 41 of 54 out of Bush's Administration were Dual Citizens With Israel, and is the very reason the US went to war in Iraq, wasting a trillioin dollars, killing 5000 of our soldiers and wounding over 25,000.

Such interference has got to stop and I would think the the young men of our nation would be most interested in this information because the drums of war from this group are at it again, Not only are Palestinians suffering from this group's influence in Washington, but they want war again and its the young who will die if Washington again allows this group to get its way yet again.

Why aren't more people, particularly the young men, more concerned ?