This post is about as gay as the recent "English usage" post. I don't know anyone in Germany, or I would ask them.

I was just watching an episode in the Brunetti mystery series, Venezianisches Finale, in which I am certain that the main character used the verb zahlen in the context of the English verb to tell. (He was asking the other person to tell him something.) I listened to the sentence about 4 times, and I am certain there was no umlauted ä

In the same episode some one was talking about a character’s daughter, and distinctly said Totter. Again I listened to the sentence several times, and could never discern the ch being pronounced in Tochter[/i].

The actor was Uwe Kockisch, born in Berlin.Are these now normal usages in Gernany, to drop the ch
in Tochter or to use zahlen instead of erzählen for the verb to tell? Berlinspeak? Am I just losing my hearing?