Ooma phone service is now available in Canada http://ca.ooma.com

You buy the Ooma Telo. They are at amazon.ca for CDN$ 229.99, also London Drugs.

You need a decent internet connection (cable, DSL, or fiber-optic). After purchasing it, you get unlimited calling within Canada, and cheap international calls. International packages are available, which would lower the cost further.

You can choose to port your current number to the Ooma service, or can choose an number associated with a local or distant Canadian location.

The basic service is free and includes many of the common services such as voicemail, 911, call waiting, caller ID, and an app to use Ooma on your iPhone or Android.

If you want additional services, the Premier package is available for CDN $9.99/month or CDN $119.99/year. It includes such things as voicemail forwarding to text or email, with audio attachment containing the message, simultaneous multi-ring (e.g. to your cell phone). Premier also includes a second number and unlimited calling to the US. The second number can be a US number if you want, so that friends in the US can reach you by calling a local number. Free 60 day trial of Premier is included with each Ooma device.

I have the service with Premier in the US, and I find it completely reliable and the quality is excellent. Not sure what the amazon.ca return policies are, but I assume you could try it and return it if you are not satisfied. You can get a new number while you are trying it out, and if you decide to keep it, you could port your current number at that time.