"5 Ways We Ruined the Occupy Wall Street Generation"

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    Nov 10, 2011 9:19 PM GMT
    Some food for thought.

    Full length original article is here.

    At this moment, a whole lot of people, most of them 15 to 20 years younger than me, are protesting in every major city. What are they angry about? A lot of things, some of which are partially my fault.

    See, I'm a part of Generation X, the post-Baby Boom era kids who grew up on a mental diet of Beavis and Butthead and Alice in Chains. We wrote poems about how angry we were at our fathers, wore goatees like weapons and made panties burst into flames by playing Pearl Jam's Black on our acoustic guitars. We were a bridge from the Baby Boomers to all you guys who are in high school and college now. And I'm pretty sure we fucked up that handoff pretty badly.

    This is not a sarcastic apology, I'm not a big enough dick to write all of this as a backhanded insult about how lazy and entitled you are. Because you're not.

    I'm honestly apologizing for ...

    #5. Making You Ashamed to Take Manual Labor Jobs

    During one "Occupy Wall Street" protest, somebody from the Chicago Board of Trade dumped McDonald's applications on the protesters. This made me think of a viral Facebook post that David Wong showed me the other day:


    If you know who that came from, we'd love to give him/her credit for the post. And a high five or something.

    Because yes, you guys are getting hammered for being too lazy or "entitled" to take on a low-paying job, and for standing up and demanding help paying for college, etc., instead of just being happy "flipping burgers." People my age and older will go on and on about how in our day we weren't too good to get our hands dirty when the good jobs dried up.

    But I'm pretty sure we taught you the opposite of that. And the Baby Boomers taught us.

    See, we were raised on 1980s movies and sitcoms, and the "cold, unfeeling grownup who works too hard" was the villain in half of them. The whole point of these "body switching" comedies -- where a kid winds up in the body of a grownup -- was that the career-driven workaholic dad learned what life was really all about. The message was clear: If you work too hard, you'll lose your soul.

    The characters who worked their asses off were shown to be stiff prudes who come down on the lighthearted main character with an iron fist. Or maybe that person is the main character, but by the end they realize that the only way to truly enjoy life is to lighten up and embrace their inner child. They finally stand up and quit their grindstone job in a hail of applause, and live a life of stress free bliss. As a side note, at some point, those people had to urinate ... so the little kid trapped in the dad's body was physically handling his dad's cock. That image is on the house -- you're welcome.

    By the time the Grunge Era came around, the "slacker" and "loser" characters were heroes, the guys who knew that life was really all about having fun. We were a self-depreciating group of people who proudly declared that we were what our parents always wanted to be: laid back and carefree. "Loser" and "slacker" were terms of endearment. We knew that the whole suit-and-tie job was a one way ticket to becoming Principal Vernon from The Breakfast Club. So many of us ended up slacking our way into fast food jobs. We were the guys from Clerks.

    Flash forward a couple of decades, and most of us are now parents. We've since found out that there's not much market for making a really good honey bear bong or winning a contest for having the dirtiest flannel shirt (first place four years running, thank you very much). We've cut our hair, bought some decent work clothes and moved on -- lesson learned. But that fast food job stuck with us. It became a scare tactic to use on our own kids. We want them to have something better.

    But here's the thing: Those Baby Boomers who started this "you don't want to flip burgers" bullshit did flip burgers. Or roof houses, or mine coal, or wax porn stars' assholes. And that wasn't something to be ashamed of back then -- that was the era before you needed a bachelor's degree to get a job waiting tables (but more on that in a moment). But at some point between my grandfather's time and now, getting your hands dirty became something to be ashamed of. My generation perpetuated that. We made it socially unacceptable to:

    A) Do any job that requires sweat and/or a uniform.

    B) Work 70-hour weeks to get ahead.

    So if you don't do either of those things, what's left? Getting an education and waiting for a good job in your field. But now, when we catch you doing that, we mock you and tell you to go flip burgers. And that's bullshit. We told you your whole lives that those jobs were for idiots and failures. You think you're too good for those jobs because that's what we've been fucking telling you since birth......

    Go here to read the rest of the article.
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    Nov 11, 2011 1:12 AM GMT
    You realize that Cracked.com is a college humor site, right?
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    Nov 11, 2011 1:19 AM GMT
    An old Cherokee Chief once told me why this country went to shit. He said "many moons ago the men hunted, fished, and were happy; and the women cooked, raised the children, and were happy. The only wars were between rival tribes, and those were rare. Then the white man came and thought he had a better idea."
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    Nov 11, 2011 11:41 PM GMT
    Christian73 saidYou realize that Cracked.com is a college humor site, right?

    Well, the author wrote a disclaimer that despite their other articles (including 12 bizarre sex toys of the rich) that this was a heartfelt apology from the author written in the Cracked.com style.
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    Nov 11, 2011 11:50 PM GMT
    Christian73 saidYou realize that Cracked.com is a college humor site, right?

    Most of Cracked's articles try to be as informative as possible on various subjects while still being funny. Granted not everything is going to be accurate as the primary goal is humor not teaching, the authors do go out of their way to research the topics they write about.

    -Cracked fanboy