Darren Aronovsky's "Meth Project" PSAs

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    Nov 11, 2011 5:07 PM GMT
    From the mind that brought you Requiem for a Dream comes the following PSAs about meth.....

    Curious to hear what some of you have to say about them... maybe even some of you who've been fortunate enough to kick a meth habit... even open to the opinions of people like myself who've lost a friend or two to meth.
  • Bowyn_Aerrow

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    Nov 11, 2011 6:33 PM GMT
    For every 'hard luck' case out there, there are dozens of others who are using and functioning without going bat-crazy. Thing is we do not know how many are out there, most 'hide' in plain sight, unseen, unrecognized because our society has focused on 'Faces of Meth' and adverts like this, so we are busy staring at the scabby homeless person, not fully realizing that our kid is not going to be turned on to the magic of meth by that guy, its the person who is hard working, able to maintain and function that is going to offer that line, that pipe, that whatever.

    I know people who are 'weekend warriors' been using crystal/crank/whatever religiously each weekend for decades, 10, 20, 30 years and they have their lives in order, working, paying bills, with a decent roof, nice car. Not in spite of, but because of using meth many of them have climbed the ladder of success with inhuman aggression and energy... Because they use a 'performance enhancing drug'

    I also knew a lot of students who were successful students, staying up all night being amped up then moving on to their jobs and climbing high in that arena because they 'juiced' to get ahead in life. I got turned on to meth and coke through one of those brilliant minds.

    Not all tweaker pick at their face, not all tweakers stand at the window peeking through the blinds in paranoia. Not all tweakers dumpster dive. Many of them tweak on homework, on office work, on whatever they pursue in 'normal' life.

    I used for a decade, and I stopped using once I realized that alcohol was leaving wreckage. I would do a line or slam a bit of speed each morning like some people drink coffee. Had I not also drank heavily I most likely would have used for a much longer time. Drinking was my downfall. Few people even suspected that I slammed speed, most people knew that I drank like the proverbial fish.

    So the message being sent is not that 'good'. Yeah sure, some people react badly, some people get all bat crazy, but the larger population that is using and are functioning are not going to stop because they see these ads. If anything they are going to laugh at the ad, and turn on a couple three more people because they know from experience that this is not the final destination.

    Addiction and Alcoholism is more like a silent shadow standing over the person, slowly seeping into every nook and cranny. It is the minor behaviors that do the most wreckage for most people.