Hey guys,

So I've been training a good bit now and decided I want to have my first amateur MMA bout early next year. Deadline is set for February (we tend to have at least one local event per month, so it shouldn't be too hard to get in) and I've got a training plan set.

At this point, I'm putting together my team that is going to help see me through it all. I've got my personal trainer, two cardio instructors, a photographer/website designer and videographer. Yes, the last two are part because they'll be getting the stuff together to help me get my name out there.

Now the difficult part-finding my cornermen. I'm going to have four people selected just in case, and am not sure where to go now for picking them.

I have one solidified because the way she pushes me and coaches me works very well with my personality, we're friends outside of the gym and she knows when I'm having an off day and works to get my focus back every time. Plus when shouting instructions, she can go in Norwegian and I understand it, so bonus for that!

Questions I've got going now to help me narrow it down are:
1) Do they care about me as a fighter and as a person, or are they only there for the win?

2) Are they willing to push me in such a way that makes me grow? Is the way they coach compatible with my personality?

3) Are they willing to tell me when to back off training and relax for a day, regardless of how I react?

4) Are they willing to end a match if I end up in too deep, regardless of what I'll think?

5) Are they reliable?

So, guys, any other questions or advice when picking your corner? This is a very tough decision, but in my opinion one of the most important I'll make.

I want my training crew set now so I am not scrambling or doing everything myself. Makes it much easier for me to just focus on training and getting ready.