Making a move?

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    Nov 18, 2011 3:34 AM GMT
    I'm like totally new here but I really need some help!

    The short version:- I'm in my final year at university studying business (I know, like totally pointless because thanks to my daddy I won't ever have to work for real) and I've been having a great time. Drinking loads, hanging out with ALOT of hot chicks and riding my scooter (1970 baby blue vespa....super cute). My friends are all jealous of the girls I hang out with and are endlessly ripping on my for not getting laid.

    Last year at thanks giving a dear friend (who will remain nameless but we can call him 11... because right now that's exactly how many seconds it takes me to get a semi when I think about him) was fooling about after we'd had like 8 manhattens and he puts his hand right at the top of my thigh and says, "have you realised yet?" As I look up from where he put his hand he comes right at me slipping his tongue. I totally freaked out!!!!

    To this day we have still never talked about it. We just have this weird thing going on right now where when things are going great then he suddenly gets all mean and does his best to upset me which normally works. He is a mean drunk btw. In this time I have not been dating any girls but I have been noticing men a lot more.

    I know I'm the only one who can realise if I'm truly gay or not but my question is how do I go about making a move on 11? I know he likes me and the meanness is total mid-direction. I cant get him off my mind. He is super cool, rides a powerful motorbike, not bad looking, has a sexy body, he is tough but like totally soft and kind to little old ladies and cute.

    Should I talk to him straight or should I just get him drunk and let him know I've got a semi and hope he slips me his man snake?
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    Nov 18, 2011 6:35 PM GMT
    Self-inflation, self-inflation, self-inflation....

    issues with self-infliction, hence attracted to mean guys...

    fantasy with taking it up the ass by another man's "man snake". ROFL.....

  • Bowyn_Aerrow

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    Nov 19, 2011 11:07 PM GMT
    Your profile says your 30. 30 is an interesting year, it is when chickens start coming home to roost and most of us take a moment or two to reassess who we are, where we are in life and start considering our options.

    Both of you were drunk BTW, alcohol is a way to do things without taking responsibility for your actions.

    When you are sober (Does being sober actually happen in your lifeicon_question.gif) consider it and if he is sober and you are still interested talk to him about it.

    Since he is a mean drunk he is most likely a mean person underneath a mask of charm and wit and humor and 'goodness'. The mask slips when he is drunk.

    THAT doesn't make him a prime candidate for a first time experience.

    He most likely is yanking your chain, unless you know for certain he is bi-gay.