abridging the freedom of the press

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    Nov 19, 2011 9:03 AM GMT
    Bloomberg’s office admits to arresting journalists for covering OWS

    ... at least five members of the media that were accredited by the City’s own police force were arrested while doing their job, a job that the Police Department has acknowledged and authorized.

    < a href="http://open.salon.com/blog/dan_omahony/2011/11/16/media_blackout_and_why_bloomberg_should_step_down">Media Blackout and why Bloomberg should Step Down

    Media Blackout and why Bloomberg should Step DownBloomberg claimed he had acted to “protect the members of the press."
    [...] The airspace over lower Manhattan had been shut down by the city to insure against news helicopters providing aerial coverage of the incursion. One CBS copter which had previously been in the air was denied refueling and held on the tarmac. Accredited members of the press were kept blocks not yards from the occupation. Views of the camp from neighboring streets were blocked by strategically placed police vans and city vehicles. In effect the mayor of New York made an orchestrated attempt to blindfold the American people.

    The CBS Copter was grounded because?
    Bloomberg needed to protect it from dirty hippies with ipads being rounded up. Right icon_rolleyes.gif

    When the Plutarchy decides your right are not profitable, you won't have them. And the GOP wants corporations to have more power.
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    Nov 19, 2011 11:03 AM GMT
    That's why the internet has become so important in the last decade..... and its why we have have groundswell uprisings like the Arab spring and now OWS

    Without Social Media this could have never happened because corporate owned media would have bastardized the message immediately ... right FOX icon_wink.gif