Learning to enjoy bottoming...?

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    Nov 21, 2011 4:23 PM GMT
    So I've been dating a really nice guy for about 4 months, and overall things are pretty great. While we get along on a personal level really well, I'm having a lot of problems with sex. Basically, I've pretty much always been a top, and he's versatile but also prefers being top. I've been bottom before with other guys, and while I was able to do it, I've always had to be at least somewhat intoxicated to be able to loosen up enough (if I'm sober and try to bottom, I start to get freaked out and completely lose my ability to enjoy sex), and I've never enjoyed the feeling of it even when I was able to. Even just the fingering to loosen me up feels really uncomfortable. With my current BF, he's EXTREMELY big. He's about 9 or 10", and also rather thick. We tried him being top once, (I was very drunk and so was he), and even just the tip of it entering felt extremely uncomfortable so I made him stop.

    He told me he doesn't mind if I'm just the top, which would be all find and good, but I can tell by when we start to get intimate, that he really wants to be top even if he doesn't say it. And I know it's just a stereotype that the more masculine guy has to be the top, but the fact that he is an ENTIRE foot taller than me (he's 6' 8"), makes it feel even more awkward when I'm the top, just because he's so much bigger than me. I dunno what I should do exactly. Being the top feels awkward, but I'm pretty much incapable of being bottom. Does anyone have any experience learning to open up to being bottom, and learning to enjoy the feeling or is this all just a lost cause?
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    Dec 07, 2011 3:39 AM GMT
    I went threw a similar situation with my bf, message me if you want to know what i did to be able to bottom for him.....