I am looking for a weight training & in-gym cardio tracking app for the iPhone that tracks my workouts (with user defined exercise options), timers, 1 Rep max and a backed up/restorable database. In addition to the usual tracking functions and goals, I want a social competitive aspect like Nike+ (challenges, Trash Talk), RunKeeper (Street Team), MapMyFitness (Challenges) where my Gym Buddy/Buddies can share workout data and talk trash. We recently moved to different cities and we are looking for a simple way to keep up the benefits of our workouts remotely.

I have several apps already but none of them offer the weight training tracking and social aspects that all of the cardio apps have as a standard feature.

24 Fitness (fail unless you want info on Group-x, locations & hours)
Reps (basic tracking)
SimGym (advanced tracking, database backup/restore)
SHF [Scott Herman Fitness] Lite (redirects to web site)

GymBuddy looks best with the email feature but I saw that the app may no longer be under development.
Fitness Buddy, like MyFit is pretty Professional aimed but price is right
MyFit FitnessWorkouts is the real deal but the pricing model sucks. $1 or $2 per routine can get very expensive.
GymGoal seems likely to be a good alternative and is active development.

Any suggestions??