I realized the other day that everyone I have met recently has a boyfriend/partner. I met this guy and had the most amazing sex I have EVER had in my life and as we are talking the next day, he tells me that his boyfriend will be home the next day so he can't see me for a while. I was more than a little disappointed with that whole situation. icon_mad.gif More recently I met another guy, similar situation. Now he is on the other side of the continent and the chances of seeing him again are slim to none. Both guys are amazing (just ask their boyfriends) and I can't seem to meet any guys in this area that are single, normal, masculine, interested in the same shit I'm into and mutually attracted to me. I am just venting I guess, thought it would help me organize my thoughts to write them down. (clearly it's not helping) I don't blame either one of these guys because it wasn't discussed beforehand which is my own fault. I'm not even sure if I would have done anything differently had he told me before that he had a BF, as he was hot as hell but at least I wouldn't have gotten my hopes up. Now I am thoroughly confused, but i feel better, Happy Turkey Day everyone! icon_confused.gif