Thanksgiving was going as well as it could with my family until we had all eaten and were laying around the living room and we had to go around and say what we were thankful for. This is my dads side of the family who is very conservative and my grandmother is the worse. My grandmother said she was thankful that all her children and grandchildren were in healthy relationships with their spouses or gf/bf and had a strong christian background. All that was fine until she continued on…

She said she was sorry for a friend of hers who had a very disappointing family because of one their children was divorced, one married an atheist, and one was married to a man who did not contribute to the family.

I bit my tongue as I promised my parents I would since this was the first time I had come to thanksgiving in two years, it moments like this was the reason why.

To be blunt I'm not coming out to my dad's side of the family until the old bitch dies since I know I would never hear the end of how disappointing I am to her and the family….truthfully, she would be the only one who cared.

Sorry for the ramble but I'm here alone in this and had to share with someone and you guys were the only outlet I had.