To date, or not to date?

  • haven

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    Nov 26, 2011 12:48 PM GMT
    damn i have been on this site forever i just realised. i have had my account since 07, but i have never really taken full advantage of the site before. which i plan to change now. i usually just go window shopping as you can see from the number of people on my hot list, but for the past couple days i have been looking through some of the forums, and realised i should participate. so here goes.

    febuary 20th is going to be my four year anniversary of being single. something else i just realised, and it made me feel weird. id like to think im a pretty cool guy, and i feel like im pretty attractive, so what gives? im not sure what im doing wrong.

    it seems that most of the time when i meet someone im interested in they're either straight, or just see me as a peice of meat. dont get me wrong the challenge of bedding a "straight" guy definitely heats my blood, and gives me somethig to do for a bit, but there isn't any real future there. and although i love sex as much as the next guy, im just tired of it not meaning anything more then a means to an end.

    hoestly as much as i want to really be with someone, i have been single long enough to not have high expectations of finding that anytime soon. plus i know im young, and have plenty of time, but i would like to at least have someone in my life that i can be intimate with.someone that is more interested in who i am as a person then how big my dick is. are these guys all taken, or am i looking in the wrong places, or maybe my expectations are too high, and i should just suck it up, and continue to be alone.....

    im at a loss, and after seeing some the great advice some guys get from posting forums i figured i would give it a try. any input would be most appreciated. thanks in advance.

  • haven

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    Nov 27, 2011 9:49 AM GMT
    meh, i tried, and maybe someone will still post?
    thanks anywayz....
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    Nov 27, 2011 11:16 AM GMT
    Your cute. Welcome to the forums icon_wink.gif