I'm 21 and weight about 163-166lbs (because unlike most, I realize weight fluctuates throughout the week.) The issue I'm having is finally losing the fat surrounding my stomach and chest. Basically, I'm just looking for someone to help me get on the right workout/diet plan. My workouts consist of 40 min. of intensity upright biking (5 min. warmup at resistance 3, then alternate between 3 min. of level 5 resistance and level 10.) What I'm gathering from various corners of the internet is that I need to not have my heart rate be so high, but rather keep it to about 60-65% percent of my maximum heart rate to burn this fat. I'm guessing because I'm depleting my body of so many calories and not eating enough to gain them back. Also, I lift right afterwards and I gather that it's just dumb to do that. thoughts? HELP PLEASE!