... 13 states will split grants totaling nearly $220 million to help set up health insurance exchanges.

“States are moving at their own pace to get their exchanges up and running,” said Sebelius. “This is a natural result of a process that gives states maximum flexibility.”

“We continue to encourage all states to establish their own exchanges,” said Chiquita Brooks-LaSure, HHS director of coverage policy. “We think states are in the position of understanding best what they need for their own residents.”

States are deciding their own best way to get more people insured? I was told by right wing trolls that this was a socialist onesizefitsall federal takeover of health care.

But hey, $220 Million is not pocket change, and that's just for this round of grants for this portion of the Affordable Care Act. How will we ever pay for that while we've got these wars ?about_costofwar_counters.png