What's up, RJ? I hope y'all are doing well.

I'm a junior in college in the process of writing a paper for a class I'm taking in the Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies department. I'm writing an oral history paper on attitudes towards homosexuality, and I'm seeking gay men aged 45+ who are willing to be interviewed. I don't want to reveal all of the details online, but I go to an Ivy League school, and the professor teaching this class is a prominent historian.

I'll disclose all of the details about the assignment to you if we end up chatting, but please shoot me a message if you are interested. You may choose to be quoted by name or anonymously; it's completely up to you, and your decision will not affect my performance on the assignment in any manner. While I've already conducted all of my required interviews, I think my paper could be supplemented with some first-hand testimony from gay men. Interviews will last 30 minutes (max.), and if possible, I'd like to conduct them at some point during the next few days. We can chat over phone, Skype, or whatever works best for you.

Thanks in advance!