Hi all,

I am a photographer and a writer and I am looking for people to work with on my new book being published next year.

The book is a coffee table style photo book that also includes short yet candid memoirs from gay men about love. There are three parts to the book:

• Love Yourself,
• Love Another and;
• Love Your Family

(temporary titles - Its still a work in progress so it may change or evolve as I go along)

I am looking for people to photograph and interview commencing in 2012 to be featured in this book. I am looking for any individuals, couples or families with a story to tell. I am hoping for a wide cross section of different ages, races, religions etc. The book will be tasteful and unique, but you must be conscious that everything you share with me could be published and seen and read by a large international audience.

I am looking for the following:

Love Yourself

Stories of how you had come to terms with being gay and your experiences in coming out to your friends and family, also any positive stories of triumph against adversity or discrimination would be great. I want to portray that a gay man in 2011 can be as happy and successful as any other individual, if you think your story could portray this then please contact me.

Love Another

I am looking for couples with a story to tell. I want to hear how you first met, what struggles you have had in your relationship, what you love about each other, what life have you built together and what your future plans are. It would be great to get some couples that have been together for over 10 years in this section too. I would love to capture in this book what it was like for older gay couples when they were younger, was it more difficult finding love in those times?

Love Your Family

I am looking for families of any description to tell their story. Welcoming any situation that you feel falls into the category of family, this could from a close group of friends who have achieved something together, the family of a gay son who have an inspiring story, and gay dads who have children via any means.

The book is meant to be an inspiration for all. It will be an positive and uplifting read for people of all ages with the general message that love has no boundaries and does not discriminate.

If you think you have an interesting story to tell or if you know of someone who might, please email me a very brief summary with a picture. adamthomas1987@live.com.au

Thank you, I look forward to working with you in future and creating something very special together.