100 Up Running Technique

  • Aquanerd

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    Dec 02, 2011 9:57 PM GMT
    I heard the Writer talking about this running technique. I have always hated running and this short video shows me why. He has me ready to head outdoors and give running a try.


    Do any runners have insight?
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    Dec 04, 2011 5:49 AM GMT
    He writes about this in his book BORN TO RUN. There's merit to the technique in terms of reducing impact on each footfall. However it's not going to make anyone who's not already fast run faster, just less sore. Those of us who aren't fast to begin with already have some of the style, a sort of shuffle so the foot doesn't have far to fall and scurries close to the ground without overstriding.

    Give it a try and see how you feel. It's not going to hurt anything, and it may really help.