25-year-old's ramblings on tough love (the hawk and the lion)

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    Dec 03, 2011 8:13 PM GMT
    The hawk always knew he wasn't straight. He always knew that there is something different about him. Even though he fell in love with a sweet church-going girl, and got married to her, and she is now expecting his child, he knew that on the inside he wasn't honest with her.

    The civil war was ravaging the land. The hawk's city was raided overnight by the opposing army forces. Fate made the hawk face his past in dire times. The lion, an officer leading one of the battalions, knew that the confrontation with the hawk was inevitable. He was going to get his revenge.

    Sirens wailing in the streets, citizens fleeing, chaos overwhelmed the once-peaceful city, as the lion made his march to the hawk's dwelling.

    Standing between his pregnant wife and the enemy soldiers, the hawk felt his throat dry up as he recognized the lion.

    "You want me. Leave my wife. Take me and spare her"

    An icy cold look in the lion's blue eyes motioned to the soldiers to grab the hawk and leave the house and the trembling wife.

    3 days in the dark cell...
    The hawk was preparing to meet his fate, to receive what is coming to him, to pay for the agression he performed 5 years ago.

    The cell's door opened, the hawk was dragged to the lion's office.

    Left alone, the two men talked and talked, seas of words, oceans of blame, without even a whisper coming out of their mouths.

    The hawk divulged his eyes to a window to the right while the lion's heart beat wildly in his musculat chest.

    The lion finally had the man he wanted for years in his grasp. The hawk was the only man he ever loved. And he never loved anyone else till he died in the battlefield years later.

    "I was never good enough for you, you bastard. You always considered yourself above me and everyone else"

    Seeing the lion's rage with every breath, the hawk held on to his manly pride. He will fall without telling his captor that 5 years ago, he rejected him to save his life. The hawk didn't anticipate that this will lead the lion to join the army and come back hell bent on revenge agianst him.

    The hawk would hide his love to this man in his soul under tons of lies, for he knows that talking will desecrate it. It will desecrate what's pure in his heart for this man and unearht the impurity of his deeds with his innocent wife.

    "I'm at your disposal. Do whatever you want with me"

    Looking at the ring in the hawk's finger, the lion felt his heart about to be ripped out of his chest. This man is his. This man belongs to him. This man is his property. Now that he has the power, this man will submit to him, and no one will stand between them.

    Aiming the gun at the hawk's head, the lion knew it was time for him to get what is his.

    "I will kill your wife. Make you feel pain for a change"

    "Kill me instead. I am the sinner. She has a life growing inside of her"

    The lion didn't expect to hear that. This crucial piece of information made him flashback 30 years back, he felt joy for the first time in forever.

    The man he loved will become a father. He wasn't rationalizing why he felt joy. He didn't want to lose his dominating position. In his head, he knew that he will regret his next action, but his pride was above his happiness or his consience. He didn't know when it became like that...

    Pushing the man he loved to his knees and getting behind him, the lion finally got what was denied to him years ago. He knew that this is not what he had imagined or dreamt of to be the first time he made love to the only person he cared to think about.

    Each penetration put a dagger in the lion's heart. Seeing the hawk defenseless under him, taking it to repent, grunting without complaining, the lion knew he owned the man physically, but he wanted his soul.

    Spent, lying over the hawk, the lion whispered in his ear, "When the sun shines on your son's face, i want my name to be bestowed upon him. I am your family. Your son is my son"
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    Dec 03, 2011 8:17 PM GMT
    Did someone just get raped in that story?
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    Dec 03, 2011 9:41 PM GMT
    Claystation saidDid someone just get raped in that story?

    Yes...Yes, they did, and it was hot.

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    Dec 03, 2011 9:44 PM GMT


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    Dec 03, 2011 10:35 PM GMT
    That was awesome and very heartfelt
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    Dec 04, 2011 1:49 AM GMT
    What a nice holiday story. Doesn't really feel like Christmas till someone gets raped.

    Oh, what time is it? Why, it's Rape-Thirty. icon_lol.gif