Personally, I find redistricting to create districts that are noncompetitive disgusting since it's completely counter to Democratic principles. But, given how hard the Republicans are pushing voter ID, redistricting and other ways to suppress Democratic voters, I think this push back is long overdue.

PoliticoCourt rules in favor of Colorado Democrats

Chalk up another Democratic legal win on the redistricting front.

On Monday morning, the Colorado Supreme Court upheld a district court’s decision to implement a Democratic-drawn congressional map, which will imperil the seats of GOP Reps. Mike Coffman and Scott Tipton.

Republicans appealed the lower court’s decision to the state Supreme Court last month. Monday’s decision appears to leave the GOP out of options.

Democrats have been the beneficiaries of a string of court decisions in recent weeks — most recently in Colorado, Texas, and Arizona — a theme we explored a few weeks ago.