Даёт молодёжь! - this is definitely one of the funnier comedy series on Russian TV. The specific clip I'm talking about is the first from the beginning up to 7:45. It's about two "friends" named German Sheremetyev and Danila Fox. The running gag with them as that they are metrosexuals, although they do plenty of gay things.

In this particular episode, they go to German's parents' house in the country outside of Moscow for the New Year. His mom asks him to do a bunch of farm stuff that he no longer remembers how to do because he's lived in the city for so long. And of course, their take on things is pretty hilarious. At the end, German is introduced to his parents' neighbors' beautiful daughter, and her sister is presented to Danila.

Even if you don't understand Russian, it's pretty easy to tell what's going on. Besides, they use a lot of random words in English, so you'll at least understand those icon_smile.gif