When The Sun Took Rest ...

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    Dec 06, 2011 9:28 AM GMT
    this story was told to me by the sun, she, who told the sky, who told the wind, who told the sand, who told the cactus, who told the rocks, who told the mountains, and who told me as I traveled across the desert, and I now tell it to you,.. so you may tell another,... and they another,.. and so on.. every time the sun goes out, the night falls, and the children go to sleep ...

    A long long time ago, when the world was very young,... the sky had shortly before given birth to sun and stars, .. and the sun to earth and planets, and the earth to the animals, and plants and people that lived on her,... this was a time shortly after humans had been given fire by the storm lightning, after they had learned to sing songs of praise to fire, to the earth and sky, and before they had learned to harvest the plants, and to tend the wild beests...

    At that time when the world was young, the Sun one day gazed upon all those on earth, and saw how people the animals and people dozed in her rays, and the plants basked peacefully in her light... the Sun saw all the living things relaxing, and was taken with longing..

    "o how lucky they are, that they may relax in my rays, while I must burn on and on.. i too would enjoy a moment of respite"

    At that moment, the sun decided to take rest, and she put out her fire, and relaxed in the sky as her rays went out... then one by one, the stars came out, the glare of the moon became prominent, the frogs began to sing their songs wildly, the crickets chirping, the nightingales whistling, the owls and bats enjoying the cool dark to play in, (they tended to shy away from the sun's heat).. and the humans, tending to their fires, sang songs and danced and took advantage of the dark to celebrate being able to lay down their work for some time...

    But soon, the humans grew tired of the dancing.. they began to run out of food and drink.. without light, they could not hunt nor gather, and they began to go hungry... they pleaded for the sun to begin burning again, that they may gather food and drink, but the Sun was relaxing herself, and did not require food nor drink, and she did not hear the humans plees

    Without any food, the elders saw the young ones beginning to starve and hunger, and they decided this could not go on.... they said to the humans "sacrifice us, we are old and there is little time for us left.. the young ones must survive and they ened food.. may they survive by living off of our bodies, once our souls are gone, the food from our bones will nourish them..."

    The elder's families at first refused.. they did not want to do without the wisdom of the elders.. but as time progressed and hunger became worse, they decided in tears to honour the elders' request, and began to prepare for the elders' sacrifice..

    As the sun saw the elders getting ready to offer themselves for their human families, the sun was filled with overwhelming joy by the love shown by the elders.. it awakened in her heart a spark, which turned into an even bigger spark, which turned into a flame, which began to burn more brightly, and reignited the rays of the sun, showering the earth with her light ...

    Seeing the sun's rays, the humans rejoiced and burst into tears and embraced their elders.. thanking the Sun for her kind gift, for the chance to hunt and gather food and drink.. and to live with their elders till days' end... Now, being kind to the elder's wishes, but still needing a bit of rest herself... the sun takes rest only during the night, and her light comes forth during the day... it is reignited every morning by the love shown by the humans for one another..
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    Dec 06, 2011 7:17 PM GMT
    cool story, bro

    (you know i love you)