Rupert Murdoch Lobbies Congress To Restrict Internet

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    Dec 08, 2011 2:05 AM GMT
    Rupert Murdoch Lobbies Congress To Restrict Internet
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    Dec 08, 2011 2:16 AM GMT
    The fact is there are several companies, including many in the entertainment industry, that are also supporting these bills. I created this thread to identify the dangers inherent in the legislation.

    One interesting question is why the Huffington Post, and, in turn, metta8, selectively chose to identify Murdoch as being engaged, when there are several others as well. Could it be that Murdoch is associated with the right while many of the entertainment companies are associated with the left?

    Unless Huffingtom Post also has articles covering how the other media executives are similarly lobbing, which one would hope meta8 would also dutifully provide, then we have a perfect example of selective journalism showing a bias.

    If the issue is as serious as many of us believe it to be, perhaps it would be dealt with better if the actions of others are similarly exposed, or are you willing to sacrifice a desired result for typical political games and typically biased journalism?