I had to do a lot of walking and standing today and wanted to stop the pain because I have a racquetball Toys for Tots tournament tomorrow morning.

I thought I needed a recovery drink. So, I went to the Vitamin Shoppe.

Well, I definitely cannot budget some beta-alaline or any protein powders.

I thought because I hadn't done any endurance cardio, I didn't need carbs. No sweating, so no electrolytes needed.

Did I do well by getting the Zero Carb Isopure 40G of Protein (I think this was either $4) and taking an Astravar pill (a bottle of 30 capsules was $15)

62% increase in L-Arginine Absorption
60% Increase in Muscle Glycogen Restoration
18% increase in ATP Production
42% increase in Glucosamine Absorption

I was also told to take extra Magnesium to help.

# # #

I had no financial will power, so I bought a bottle of EDTA (something I wanted, not by sales pressure).

Thanks for reading; and, I look forward to your replies.