US TV host & comedian Jay Leno shows us the latest apps for smart phones & tablets

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    Dec 10, 2011 1:08 PM GMT
    It may want to load fully before playing, so expect an initial long delay, plus it begins with an advertisement.

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    Dec 10, 2011 1:59 PM GMT
    BTW, the first app Leno mentions, Word Lens, really exists. The basic app is free, I just installed it, but you've gotta buy modules for different languages, like French, German, English, etc.

    You point your iPhone or IPad's camera lens at a sign in a foreign language (including signs in English for non-English speakers), and your screen shows the translation in your own language! Like "Eintritt Verbotten!" in German will appear on your device screen as "Entrance Forbade!" Or "Rauchen Verboten" becomes: "Smoking Forbidden" (or No Smoking in our more common American usage).

    Sorry for being so excited about this, but to an older guy this is like the sci-fi movies of my youth, the equivalent of Star Trek science. That I should have lived to see such miracles! Translating foreign language signs with a little device I hold in my hand!

    And I'm just starting to learn to exploit Siri. I bring the iPhone up to my ear and the proximity sensor activates it automatically. I ask a question in real English and it locates things for me, or executes certain commands, like phoning, scheduling, creating alerts, etc.

    Sorry if you younger guys take these things in stride, but I feel like my 4 grandparents (all born in the 1800s) must have felt, who saw within their lifetimes the introduction of electricity, telephone, flight, radio, television, space exploration...

    I wonder what all of you will see?