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Hi All,

In my haste, I forgot to mention that in order to fully grasp the genius of John's vid below, you have to know the song by Gil Scott Heron called "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised". I saw him perform this song when I was at Univ of VT in Burlington in the late 70's, while Vietnam and the inner city riots following Martin Luther King's assassination were still fresh in everyone's mind.

"The Photographs of Your Junk (will be publicized!) "is built on top of the foundation of the Gil Scott Heron song. Of course, at the time Heron wrote this song, there was no concept of the internet. All media was controlled by a few huge corporations. Among my friends, Gil Scott Heron was right up there with Bob Marley, and this was one of his biggest hits. (Along with "Winter in Johannessburg"). I would be interested to hear ff Gil it got much play in JK, AH and JP's college town. How about you jaded New Yorkers?

So the irony is, both songs basically have the same theme, the same politics, even the same musical genre. ronniebutlerjr simply and cynically highlights that the "Revolution IS Indeed Being Televised", but nobody's paying attention because there is too much eye candy out there, whether posted intentionally or unwittingly. It's also a wake up call, and drives home the fact that privacy and anonymity no longer exist. Everything is televised, and will persist for as long as human civilization exists. The Great Library of Alexandria cannot be burned down again, because all of our information is now stored "in the cloud".

So check out this version of the original "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised",

Are you expecting the revolution to be televised?

Are you taking the "red" pill, or the "blue" pill?