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Why eat healthy to lose weight?

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    QUOTE Dec 12, 2011 10:37 AM GMT
    So I struggled forever with more of a mental issue with weight loss then a physical one. Before all my knowledge I thought I could only lose weight through lettuce and fruit. Now, all my friends. (Who are morbidly obese) Have this problem, now of course I've researched it to the max, and honestly. I lost all my weight (Around 10 kilos) And kept it off purely by calorie counting, also with choosing healthy options. For instance, I have chocolate paddle pops, which are 100 calories each, so I might have a few. Along with a can of stew, which is according to the label 5 serves of veggies and shit and it has chicken n stuff. And only 300 calories a can, I also swerve my addiction with coke through diet coke. Now I know to be "Healthy" You wouldn't choose these options, but for my friends, eating under 2000 calories a day I feel could save their life. I admit, I'm only just starting to eat calorie restricted again, I think I gained a few kilos. I'm already down to like 62 kilos. But yeah, I think their should be greater focus on this, as not many people have this will power to eat healthy. I know once I start working out I'll be eating healthier. At the moment I do heaps of excersize and stuff which helps but yeah. Anyways, my point is, why eat healthy to lose weight? What are your views? Weather it be mental or physical? Or purely for good nutrition, and I'm not talking about just average people, I'm talking about the obese.
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    QUOTE Dec 12, 2011 1:57 PM GMT
    I think most "normal" people have been conditioned that it takes some sort of special diet to lose fat and eat healthy. And by special diet I mean one that totally eliminates one whole food group (thanks Drs. Atkins and Pritikin). Every fad diet that comes and goes essentially does this or promotes some stupid principle like food combining. It's not going to be a very long or successful book if it can be simply told to dieters to "count calories". Which is why Weight Watchers is such a successful program in long term fat loss and then maintenance because the points system does teach calorie counting.

    As for why bodybuilders and fitness people think that you can't lose fat except on a diet of broccoli, egg whites and chicken breast is a whole other issue. Mostly because of the pussies never prosper mentality and if it a diet isn't painful then it can't work.
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    QUOTE Dec 12, 2011 2:00 PM GMT
    I don't think you need to eat healthy to lose weight. Well, not strictly healthy. I mean, last summer I was 200lbs and I cut down my eating and ate at proper times and I lost 35lbs in two months. :S
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    QUOTE Dec 12, 2011 2:41 PM GMT
    I lost 2 lbs in the past month accidentally, although I've been "cheating" on my normal diet through the holiday season. I haven't been working out, hiatus from "healthy" for a few weeks.

    In other words, it's not what I eat but the amount and the timing of meals that has kept my physique in tact.

    The "special diet" (for me, Paleo) does nothing but keep my insides healthy, and keeps me more energetic. Since I've slacked on the diet, my energy level has plummeted. However, I know it'll only take one day of working out and proper diet to get that energy level back, so no worries here.
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    QUOTE Dec 13, 2011 12:49 AM GMT
    I know, and I try help my friends. But they just don't get it :S My best friend ate a whole bag of "Soya chips" She's like their healthy so I'll lose weight. I'm eating a chocolate ice cream at 100 calories per serve. I check the nutrition info only to see one serve is 300 calories! And theirs 4 in the bag and she's already half way through! Gahhh! She doesn't listen