Going to Thailand for 2 1/2 weeks. Any suggestions?

  • sydnick

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    Dec 13, 2011 1:14 AM GMT
    Hey guys,

    I'll be heading over to Thailand for 2 or so weeks with a girlfriend of mine. The arrival destination would be Phuket with Thai Airways from Sydney, Australia on the 8th February 2011.

    I've been to South-East Asia (Malaysia, Cambodia) however have yet to venture into Thailand. I am looking for relaxing holiday plus adventure thrown in as well.

    So if anyone has any ideas or places to visit, please share! icon_biggrin.gif

    Thanks heaps guys!

  • The6Degrees

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    Dec 13, 2011 10:37 AM GMT
    Dress common.

    Drink bottled water.

    Eat vegetarian. (and bring some peanut butter)

    Donate to the temples, but not to Wat Kreung Tai Wittaya

    If you see child prostitution, don't bother calling the police...they're in on it.

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    Dec 13, 2011 10:22 PM GMT
    Well Phuket is probably the most expensive area in Thailand. But here you will also find A LOT of shit to do.

    First tip: rent scooters! everybody drives them there as youve probably seen in cambodia for instance..

    Second tip: ALWAYS wear a helmet! yes, the thais will sometimes look at you and laugh a bit but you wont believe how many people crash on these mopeds. a big nasty wound from wrecking your bike is sometimes referred to as a ko pha-ngan tattoo icon_smile.gif
    Plus, a thai police will most likely not be late with waving a ticket in your face if he sees you. use your "corruption buffer money" on the tuk-tuk rides instead, see below.

    ride around the island and check out the more "secluded" beaches. they dont relly get very secluded in phuket, but some are less crowded...

    witn your scooter its also cheap and easy to go up to the giant Buddha, overlooking the island. nice view up there! good spot for a sunset

    if you want some real excercise, go to a muay thai training camp, there are loads on the island.

    One of the bigger ones is Tiger Muay Thai

    been there for 5 weeks and it was a blast! you should definately try it!

    all the wildest parties are in Bangla Road, Patong beach. There is no way you wont find it..

    if you wanna stay kinda close to that, but not IN it, i suggest you stay somewhere in Karon or Kata beach instead. a lot calmer but only 10 min tuk tuk ride to patong if you want.. be aware of the cartel-scam tuk-tuk drivers tho. they will overcharge you cause they know you have no other means of transportation but hey, hopefully they need the money better than you (us) anyway..

    hope this is helpful!