Hi/ Olà

Me too taking part in these forums now as I am new.

My own good foogs are mentionned above... most maybe know.

As I smoke I need some vfresh vegetables to avoid cancer also good to prevent cancer cells is drinking birch tree water.

To calm its good to eat greensalad and add in it carottes to have beterr Kalium absorbing in blood...

Garlec helps in blood circulation.

Oignon helps in sexul puissance.

Clementines absorbe air to blood and also calmes down it is good for breat too to start morning with a slice of orange or clementines.

Basilic is good for basic helth.

Paprika helps hair grouth espesially the piment.

Whiskey is allrigh to clean teeth and gengives or buttoms by drinking some and cleaning.

Pastis of marseille is very good stomac medicin pure.

Redwine helps to sleed is cancer medicin too.

Coffee is good for lever to avoid cancer and for your hair...

Smoking is ok to avoid parasites some ashes are good too and necessary for life...

Mexican virus is example and proove how smoke that came from russian burning fields giving smoke stopped that mexican virus.

Drikers of bier and wine and eaters af raw beef have no hiv... to avoid meeting a hiv person watch well what they eat.. they cant smoke much either first sign of hiv is diarhea.. and specially formed abces buttoms in the back... loosing hair or karies are not signs of aids...

Those are my basic good advices...smoking doest kill a human...that isnt a real doctors statement to say smoking kills humans..

Rivers are also poisoned in France like Rhone from electricity letting there unvisible cells like radioactivity... smoke kills that cell.

Swimming and walking allready by sea or a lake are helthy pkaces to sport. air so freh there...

Using aircondition machines needs also air steamer to breaf wet but can cause bacteries...living in a wooden house or beside sea and lake is good and woodenheating a plus..

Sleeping in a fresh is good just cover warmly...because each time you breaf in you get fresh air that is down and breafing it out gos up and is warmer that isnt so airy...söeeping up close to roof isnt good idea.