House Republicans Voted down a Bipartisan Senate compromise to extend a payroll tax cut that favors the middle class

So, now what happens? If you’re listening to the House GOP leadership (who supported the Senate deal before changing their minds) or the House GOP rank and file (who admit they don’t want to extend the payroll tax break at all), now is the time for “negotiations.” Democrats have already given in on an expedited decision on the Keystone XL pipeline and given in on demands that a surtax on millionaires and billionaires be dropped, but Republicans believe that should only be the starting point for talks in which Democrats go even further to make the right happier.

No but wait ..... NOW they say they need to put it into committee
Time to make Republicans wear this one like a choker chain made out of the lies and Politics it was made from

Rebellious House Republicans fought hard Monday to scuttle a two- month extension of the Social Security payroll-tax break, seriously jeopardizing chances that 160 million taxpayers will see the lower rate after Jan. 1.