Ok, I'm bored. So who are your favorite and east favorite trolls on RJ?

Note: My endorsement of you does not mean I support you. Just that you are the lesser of the evils.


Chainers- Though I still think he is a horrible human being and I wouldn't piss on him if he were on fire, he does take his trolling seriously. And at least he offers somewhat coherent conversation when I'm arguing with him. Still, outside of RJ he offers no redeeming qualities and will probably die alone....and on RJ.

Shirna- He keeps the crazy on RJ alive and well. Everytime I see a smily face I think of his loony ass.


Justthisonce/Bigwhoopgansta - Lame. Doesn't make sense. Doesn't offer any good puns or comebacks. His insults suck.Hides behind an empty profile. At least Chaniers shows his chubby face.

Yourname- This guy isn't a troll per se, but he seems to have a vendetta against me for some reason. When asked to explain he offers nothing. No evidence no answers just more insults. This brings him into troll territory for me.