In high school I was considered at least as talented as my other classmates in the theater department. A few went on to get some real success in show biz.

There was Lance, who became "The Last Starfighter" and did other TV and movie work. Ed became a screenwriter ("Bill & Ted", "Men in Black") and married John Cleese's daughter.

Then there was Paul, who's Dad is now Secretry of Defense Leon Panetta. (No significant success in his own right that I know of).

My path went differently: I fell in love with my first boy after graduation, dropped out of college to go live with him, ended in disaster. Joined the working class to survive.

Its tempting sometimes to slip into the mindset of a "loser". But I catch myself pretty quick and am reminded that we all have challenges, successes and failures in our lives. Regardless of how anyone might define "success", we all work at just being happy in our lives.

And from that standpoint I consider myself pretty damn lucky. icon_biggrin.gif