Every Republican president who's been elected for the last 50+ years has had a recession hit on his watch.

Nixon, Reagan, Bush Sr, and Bush Jr ALL had recessions and heavy job losses hit on their watch.

Every time the Repubs elect a president we get a recession and high unemployment.

Not only that, but no Repub president has balanced the budget for the last 50+ years either.
No Repub president has balanced the budget since Eisenhower in 1957, while
Democratic presidents Johnson, Carter, and Clinton all balanced the budget at least once while they were in office.

Clearly, Repub voters have extremely bad judgement.
They have a long track record of picking godawful presidential candidates.

The godawful 2012 field shows that the Repubs STILL have lousy judgement.

Maybe the Repubs should be barred from voting - for the protection of the American people.

Repub voters have done enough damage.