The Rapture of the Church: A defining moment.........

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    Dec 31, 2011 4:30 AM GMT
    I realize I may get attacked and scoffed at for this post, but I feel the
    need to reach out to people on this site.

    My efforts to find a BF here have failed, so I am hoping ATLEAST I can
    be a success at something.

    In a previous post, I discussed the fact that the Shroud of Turin has
    basically been PROVEN to not be a fake. Please go here for more info:

    I know that some people will disagree with me, that's fine.

    But I started believing in JESUS back in OCT 1977 based on this
    evidence. I am CONVINCED it is real and a very serious matter.

    Which brings me to my next presentation....

    What is the Rapture ??

    It is a time in the near future that Jesus will be coming back to TAKE
    all believers in HIM back to Heaven. He promised He will come back.
    I believe him. Without a doubt. Jesus stated in John 14 that HE is the
    WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE........I believe that also.

    The Rapture will be a defining moment in human history when in
    a moment in time Millions of people will disappear in a flash.
    Many excuses will be brought up BY THE MEDIA and government
    as to WHY this happened. I would be VERY CAREFUL not to
    listen to them. Shortly after this, an evil ruler will take over the
    world from Europe. He will rule with an iron sword. He is the Anti Christ.
    and a deceiver at that.

    The way to ESCAPE all this is to believe that Jesus died for you and
    ACCEPT His gift of Eternal Life without cost.

    There is not much time. Israel and the Middle East are at the cross roads
    and like a TINDERBOX as i write this.

    And it could blow at any time.

    It may be best to at least consider what I am talking about. Sure, having
    a BF and a nice body and lots of money are good. BUT that will not
    get people to Heaven. Only Jesus can do that. Period.

    I'm sorry if I seem narrow minded in all of this. I do NOT mean to
    be. But I believe JESUS is the answer.


    Stephen in Hawaii >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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    Dec 31, 2011 5:26 AM GMT
    Christianity like all religions have some good principles to live by, in my experience more athiests are 'christlike' than actual professed Christians. Why that is I don't know, I'll not bother to judge, but if Christians are supposed to exhibit Christlikeness to win converts, they sure are an embarassment to their Christ.

    I don't believe in a Rapture, nor any connection with that and the Middle Eastern (ME) conflict, as you seem to connect them over bible prophesy coming true in the ME. The problem there is with men over fanatic bible beliefs (religion) raising its ugly head, one religion says its ancient bible rights outweigh the other peoples current human rights to live on their historic homeland undisturbed.

    You have no proof other than a bible belief system, that springs from the christian maxim that your supposed to 'trust and obey', that there is a god that directed certain people to write down his will and prophesy the future for this god. If it works for you, that's fine with me, but too many of you ruin life on this planet while pushing the rest to see it your gods way, and if they don't then there's hell to pay.
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    Jan 01, 2012 4:17 PM GMT
    I not going to try and do a personal attack on any one. What i understand the Rapture is the time Jesus will come back.

    what i have read is that Jesus will come back and gather all of his children while his brightness will kill the wicked and he will take his children back to heaven with him. Then satan will be bound to this earth with NO ONE left on this earth for him to temp. That means all of God children will be with him and the wicked and satan's angles will be dead and he will be the only one left and he will have 1000 years by him self while we r up in heaven with Jesus.

    Then we will come back after the 1000 years and God will raise the wicked, satan angles and release satan and then satan will try one more time to temp the wicked and his angles to try and over throw Jesus but Jesus will not let it happen and the wicked and the fallen angles will wake up and see that God was fair and gave them a chance to change but they choice not to and they will bow down and call him the true God.

    God not wanting to hurt his creation, but he has to do away with sin he calls forth fire from the sky and it burns every wicked and fallen angle into till there sins are consumed. Satan will be burned too and he will burn till his sins and everyone that was save sins are bruned.

    They will not burn forever like some people would believe. After that Jesus will walk out to the mount of olives and he will create a new heaven and a new earth and sin will forever be gone.