Your NICKNAMES for others....

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    Jan 03, 2012 8:55 PM GMT
    I've always been someone who had "nicknames" for friends of mine. Sometimes they were ridiculous names. Sometimes names could be used
    to create irritation... LOL! Sometimes they are still used.

    How ridiculous? One of my female friends I've had since 2nd grade is still referenced as "pliers" occasionally... her father was a mechanic and she has red hair. Long story about her messing with her father's tools when we were in elementary school.

    We always have Christmas dinner and this year, after being called "pliers", she called me "Switzerland". I asked "wtf"?? She said I always feel the need to get along with both sides in a conflict or to mediate issues and I have always had a ton of friends from all "groups" in high school.

    A horseback riding friend of mine, I called "Wonder" because of her athletic ability (her last name is Wondra). Another friend of mine I called "Dolphin"
    because of her desire to swim naked..... LOL!

    We'll stop there.

    Any favorites you've either been called or have called others?
  • HndsmKansan

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    Jan 03, 2012 9:01 PM GMT

    We don't see you, period, clothes off or on, so I have no opinion of your nickname.
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    Jan 26, 2014 9:56 PM GMT
    I get call "wolf".because im a hairy guys and ninja at home because of martial arts