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    Jan 03, 2012 10:38 PM GMT
    This particular post ended up in News & Politics because it does touch on recent issues such as the OWS movement. I received a resume from a director this A.M. whom I am sure was as amused as I upon reading said resume.

    I find it difficult to keep a straight face on this one, without laughing my ass off, as I did when reading the cover letter and resume. I will give the individual credit for at least sending resumes, though it is terribly late in the process for this individual in regards to obtaining marketable skills.

    Ok......I can summarize this is a few words: the person has zero work experience and a BA degree in Spanish and Rhetoric. As they say, "'nuff said."

    The cover letter and resume was sent to a technology company. No tell me exactly how this person with a BA in Spanish and Rhetoric is going to improve the bottom line enough to pay their salary?
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    Jan 03, 2012 11:07 PM GMT
    what did he say in his cover letter about why he was writing to a technology company, with that background?
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    Jan 04, 2012 1:19 AM GMT
    southbeach1500 said
    conservativejock said No tell me exactly how this person with a BA in Spanish and Rhetoric is going to improve the bottom line enough to pay their salary?

    Well... thinking out of the box a bit - expansion of your sales to Spanish speaking countries?

    We're trying the same thing with our software company - we're trying to bring in a new employee (not an American) to help us with European sales (he's European). The H-1B visa process has been PURE HELL. We're coming up on the 1 year anniversary of the embassy putting his visa application in "Administrative Processing." icon_evil.gif

    Hum. Isn't it amazing that something that starts out so flippant might decide a kid's future?

    No need for H1-B. U.S. citizen currently in New York.

    I think what I will do SouthBeach is send this down your way to the Miami office to the contracts section along with instructions. Though most contracts are in English, goods/services in Latin America are often purchased through contracts in......Spanish.

    If all of life were so easy.
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    Jan 04, 2012 4:17 AM GMT
    You are right; it’s not the right type of certification to have. But since you brought up OWS I figure you mean to address the larger issue of people educating in fields that are not desirable by people that hold the jobs.

    I personally am torn between who really is the problem here.

    On one side it is getting harder and harder to study what you really want to study, on the other hand what are you going to do, THEY hold the jobs. But of course you wouldn't tell me that studding exactly what is required of you to be productive for a company is knowledge. Neither would you suggest that the purpose of human education and learning is as narrow as getting a job or profiteering.

    This system of education does not have the intention of making people wiser, more learned, better equipped to make the right decisions, or form intelligent opinions, it can only be designed to make a population that is a tool for profiteering corporations that hold people's ability to sustain themselves hostage in return for their submission to corporate requirements.

    A wise people that make good, well informed decisions benefit the society, the commons, by electing better representatives, by conducting day to day activities in an intelligent way, by informing each other and having intellectual discussions, by raising intelligent, well informed children and over all improving the human value by being informed members of our society; being better humans.

    This current system how ever only benefits a few corporations that have no interest in the well being of the people in general, have no interest in the affairs of the commons and do not benefit from an intellectually charged populace, or the general human intellectual progress.

    I am sure any one could argue for either. I personally will only learn, not what I WANT to learn or what is REQUIRED of me to learn. I only learn anything that will make me better informed and make me a more intellectual human being. I only see value in a well informed society. A society that is not based on exploring the horizons of human intellect is worthless to me no matter how much STUFF they have.

    I work very hard, the least I work is 73 hours a week, as of now I am doing 84 hours and no days off till mid Jan. This is only to pay my mortgage, keep my car and pay my bills. This the price I pay for not complying with this system. In return I am not going to need to do all this work in a year’s time. I will then go to school and study what ever the hell I think is valuable to my MIND. (I do study all the time now; on my own.) As it is I am already able to sustain by growing my own food and am working on relying as little as I can on outer sources and on my self for as much as I can. Soon I will pay off all my debt and will work on being really free.

    I hope I understood your issue correctly, and didn’t just blah blah my way to the end. If that is why you mentioned OWS.